Apprentices of RavenClan

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Apprentices of RavenClan

Post  Minnowstar on 3/19/2016, 9:44 pm

Pinepaw: Red-brown tom. I tend to get in trouble a lot, but I am a very good judge of character. Parents are Smallfur and Dustcloud, Littermate to Thrushpaw, Fuzzyfur, and Larkkit. Mentor is Snailpelt. (Tom)
Thrushpaw: Sandy-gray she-cat. Good senses, firey temper but calm and wise, logical, stubborn, fast, accurate, witty, split personality. Parents are Smallfur and Dustcloud, Littermate to Pinepaw, Fuzzyfur, and Larkkit. Mentor is Ottertree. (She-Cat)
Morningpaw: White and gray tom. Morningpaw is a cat who preferably keeps to himself, and when his personal ‘bubble’ is invaded he becomes easily annoyed and harsh. When it comes to other cat’s feelings, he almost feels responsible if their down or depressed. In a way he almost doesn’t want to become a warrior, a part of him prefers not to fight. Don’t get him wrong, he’d fight until death for his clan but he’s more of a peaceful cat who would rather negotiate than tear throats out. Morningpaw is more of a quiet cat, who hangs in the back while other brawny toms do the talking – and the flirting. He isn’t the one that she-cats find interesting, he’s tried before but they find him odd. Parents are Swiftstream and Yewcloud, Littermate to Greenpaw. Mentor is Rosepelt. (Tom)
Greenpaw: Lilac tabby tom. Very sweet and compassionate from birth, this tom is very quiet and always on his best behavior. Parents are Swiftstream and Yewcloud, Littermate to Morningpaw. Mentor is Swiftstream. (Tom)
Mockingbirdpaw: Black-smoke she-cat. If you were asked to come up with one word to describe Mockingbirdpaw, depending on how nice you are, you might say "energetic", "thrill-seeking" or... "annoying". She is a huge adrenaline-junkie, and loves to take risks and get into dangerous situations. She is also quite the dare-devil, and will often set up stunts to do to impress other cats. Parents are Splashcloud and Minnowfur, Littermate to Scorchkit. Mentor is Echofur. (She-Cat)


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