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Goldenpaw: Pale ginger she-cat. On her bad days, Goldenpaw can be easily annoyed and snaps at other cats if they pry, but this rarely happens as she rarely has bad days. She easily gets upset if a cat is hurting, in pain, or needs help. She doesn't care if the cat isn't from her clan. She's caring and kind and compassionate to every cat, even if they don't deserve it. She is loyal and devoted to her clan and to the warrior code, unless a cat is in trouble. Goldenpaw is sort of shy to new cats that she meets, but it doesn't take her long to lose her shyness. She can be bubbly and sometimes the good kind of crazy. She likes things to be neat, but a little mess doesn't bother her. Parents are Goosefern and Robinface, Littermate to Specklepaw, Longpaw, and Russetpaw. Mentor is Ottertree. (She-Cat)
Specklepaw: Gray tabby tom. Specklepaw is an extremely loyal cat, he would die before those he loved were hurt. Parents are Goosefern and Robinface, Littermate to Goldenpaw, Longpaw, and Russetpaw. Mentor is Fernheart. (Tom)
Longpaw: Pale gray tabby she-cat. Longpaw is adventurous and is not afraid to take a challenge and is confident in everything she does. She has been known to show bravery over and over again, at all times. She's not afraid to speak her mind and constantly gives helpful advice to others. She also has a soft, sensitive side and can be as quiet as a mouse at times. Parents are Goosefern and Robinface, Littermate to Goldenpaw, Specklepaw, and Russetpaw. Mentor is Darktail. (She-Cat)
Russetpaw: Dark ginger she-cat. Everyone is different. From our likes and dislikes, to the blood that flows through our veins -- we're unique. Even though we may be similar to one another, we all have our ups and downs that make us, well, us. Russetpaw is a fairly simple she-cat, with no major flaws or weaknesses. Her way of thinking is similar to everyone else's -- she has prejudices, can be shallow, and compares herself to others. Her temper can sometimes go overboard, but she always tries her hardest to keep it at bay. Russetpaw isn't the most patient one, but she knows how to deal with being under pressure, stress and keeping up with her duties at the same time. A natural mother figure, the dark ginger she-cat is a role model to the younger ones, and always is on her best behavior around the little kittens. Her sense of calmness and aura of peace is used to help others in emotional pain, depression and problems in their life. Parents are Goosefern and Robinface, Littermate to Goldenpaw, Specklepaw, and Longpaw. Mentor is Sunfire. (She-Cat)

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