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Post  Rowancloud on 3/4/2016, 10:15 pm

Former ScorchPride Ocelots KwR18Az

Scorchstar: Golden male ocelot. There is a mysterious feeling around Scorchstar for an unknown or subjective reason. Deputy: Quailfur (Quailstar) (Male)
Brindletail: Golden male ocelot. He is short tempered and snappy, he does not care for others but when his pride is in need he will not abandon them. (Male)
Quailstar: Golden male ocelot. Quailstar is known for his socialness and good humor. He's very popular among the pride. Deputy: Goldencloud (Goldenstar) (Male)


StarClan: Amberstar, Snoweyes, Scorchkit
StarPride: Scorchstar
DawnClan: Rowancloud


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