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Post  Bluestar on 3/2/2016, 4:32 pm

Leaders of FogClan VSStGhy

Bluestar: Blue-gray tabby tom. Bluestar is one smart-alek cat and will do anything to prove others wrong. He hates it when he is wrong. He often acts before he thinks. When he does think it is quite logical. Mate to Dapplepelt. Lives Left: 1. (Tom)

Sootwhisker: Light gray tom. Sootwhisker is a high-spirited cat. He enjoys running around in the tall grass, chasing anything that moves. He has a soft voice and is very good at soothing cats when they need it most. He loves to talk to the elders. Parents are Fogstar and Fireface, Littermate to Fernminnow, Voleprickle, and Cragfur. Mate to Darkstorm. (Tom)

Medicine Cats:
Froststep: White she-cat. She is extremely loyal and honest, once you get to know her. Parents are Songear and Cragfur. (She-Cat)
Freezetail: White she-cat. It is a long affair of becoming a friend, but she will always be open to pleasant cats. She loves good company and she chooses her best friends without thinking. Parents are Sorrelstripe and Lionwhisker, Littermate to Snailpaw, Tansypaw, Foxpaw, Rowanpaw, and Ivorypaw. Mentor is Froststep. (She-Cat)

Leaders of FogClan AXQgLto

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