Leaders of SnakeClan

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Leaders of SnakeClan

Post  Mousestar on 3/2/2016, 4:03 pm


Brightwhisker: White tom with gray patches. Brightwhisker is a very calm and shy tom cat. He loves being by himself because it's not easy for him to be social. Brightwhisker usually gets shy and embarassed around other toms, but mostly she-cats.  He loves to sit around and catch small mice while he's bored. Mate to Leafclaw. (Tom)

Medicine Cat(s):
Bounceclaw: Ginger she-cat.  A level-headed cat that advocates meritocracy. She a typical picture of a SnakeClan cat; strong, brave, loyal and skilled. Parents are Toadheart and Sorrelpelt, Littermate to Sharppaw and Ebonypaw. (She-Cat)

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