Leaders of RainClan

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Leaders of RainClan

Post  Mudstar on 2/20/2016, 7:14 pm

Mudstar: Mottled dark brown tom. Mudstar seems to be a loner in the clan. He never seems to mingle among his clanmates. Has he ever found a friend? No, not really. He has no lover, though he really isn't looking for it. He prefers to let it sneak up on him. Parents are Rainstar and Forestface, Littermate to Brackenheart, Thornfoot, and Leopardstripe. Lives Left: 3. Mate to Firefang. (Tom)


Medicine Cat:
Oatpelt: Creamy brown tabby she-cat. She is usually angry and aggressive, except for when it comes to toms. She would tear any other cat from another place to shreds. Parents are Rainstar and Honeywing, Littermate to Bramblestripe, Spiderflower, and Mothfoot. (She-Cat)


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