Queens and Kits of RainClan

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Queens and Kits of RainClan

Post  Mudstar on 2/20/2016, 7:11 pm

Squirrelnose: Dark ginger she-cat. Squirrelnose is devilish and very playful. She's a real flirt, and is an active, wily cat. She's just full of energy and is carefree. Her attitude can make her seem lazy and boring, but she's quite fun! Parents are Daypelt and Fernflower, Littermate to Firefang, Sandwhisker, Rainfall, and Rowandaisy. Mate to Jaggedstem. (She-Cat)

Runningkit: Dark ginger tabby she-cat. Parents are Jaggedstem and Squirrelnose. (She-Cat)


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