Leaders of LightClan

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Leaders of LightClan

Post  Dappledstar on 2/5/2016, 11:52 pm

Dappledstar: Gray and white tom. Dappledstar is a very aggressive, loyal tom. He spends all of his time hunting for his clan, and on border patrols. He doesn't interact with his clan much, but he would still risk his life for any of them. He can be very gentle, and soft sometimes. Mate to Icewing. Lives Left: 2. (Tom)

Swoopspider: Dark ginger tom. Swoopspider is very distant but friendly like a father to some cats. He can make a great friend, because loyalty is his policy. He has odd dreams, so he may seem a little distant, but otherwise he can be all around nice. However, one of his flaws is that he'll snap if he's made fun of. When he's angry, his personality shifts to his dark side. He feels angry and deceptive, and becomes a wizard at insulting others and fighting. Better not get on his dark side, or else you'll be a dead flea! Parent is Stormflight, Littermate to Starlingfur, Furledpelt, Spiritleopard, and Geodefrost. Mate to Ravenflower. (Tom)

Medicine Cat:
Thistlesky: Brown tabby she-cat.  Although Thistlesky doesn't look like it, she can be the kindest cat ever. She treats everyone with compassion and kindness, and doesn't have a short temper. Even though she can be kind, Thistlesky can also be easily upset, because of her flaws. When it comes down to choose whether to fight or have peace, Thistlesky would quickly pick peace, because she isn't the best fighter around. Parents are Rockfur and Foxswim, Littermate to Brookbelly and Ivybramble. (She-Cat)


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