Leaders of FoxClan

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Leaders of FoxClan

Post  Rookstar on 2/1/2016, 11:48 pm

Rookstar: Gray tabby tom. He's very intellectual, and that's a fact. Rookstar knows his stuff, and he knows it well. Lives Left: 1. Mate to Silverspot. (Tom)

Vanillafoot: Pale ginger tom. He's extremely stubborn, and quite lazy. He refuses to take orders from others, and tends to act on his own will. He isn't to fond of kits, but they could grow on him if they spent a fair amount of time with him, showing respect and listening to what he has to say. He loves to tell stories of his journeys and tales he was told as a kit. When it comes to attention, he wants everyone to focus on him, and listen to what he has to say.  He always thinks before he acts, and doesn't often get involved in quarrels unless he's certain one of them is correct and has a fair point. He will pick sides then. He's very wise and gives excellent advice, but he does not hold the answers to life itself. Mate to Redleap. (Tom)

Medicine Cat(s):
Warthogwhisker: White she-cat. She brags about her strength, and is quite gullible. She will often take someone's word without asking for proof, imminently trusting any cat unless given a reason otherwise. She's usually laid back and easygoing. She loves to have the kits look up to her. She does have separation anxiety. So when she really, truly trusts someone with her life and they haven't seen each other in a while she will begin to grow anxious. Despite what she brags about, her strength isn't all that great. One of her best moves is to ram into the opponent. (She-Cat)
Gorseheart: Very pale gray and white she-cat. Because she likes playing around so much, sometimes it may seem to others like she doesn't take things seriously at all, but that's not true. When she has to be serious, she's serious. Parents are Echostripe of AirClan and Warthogwhisker. Mentor is Warthogwhisker. (She-Cat)


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