Elders of FoxClan

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Elders of FoxClan

Post  Rookstar on 2/1/2016, 11:34 pm

Shadebird: Small ginger tabby she-cat. Known to be a calm, patient, strong-hearted she-cat. (She-Cat)
Lionfang: Light brown tabby tom. Above all Lionfang is flirty. He's smooth, not just smooth-talking: he's graceful. He's intelligent, although most of his intelligence is wasted. He's on the self centered side as well. (Tom)
Lilacflame: Orange and gray she-cat. Depending on which Clan you come from, Lilacflame is a deeply caring cat who wants those around her (in FoxClan) to be happy, healthy and fed. However, a seam of hate runs deep within her to the other Clans. She, although a sweet, slightly submissive cat to Clanmates, loathes the other five Clans and wishes nothing more than to see them grovel. (She-Cat)


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