Elders of BuzzardPride

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Elders of BuzzardPride

Post  Buzzardstar on 6/18/2015, 10:07 pm

Crystaltail: Spotted brown male bobcat. Crystaltail possess very refined manners, which can be described as nearly butler-like. Though he have a polite, sophisticated way of speaking, his words tend to have a biting edge to them. Despite how rigid he may seem, he do possess a sense of humor, however, it is a very dry sense of it. He is an arrogant, prideful being who expects perfection and will not submit to weakness. Those his words are very harsh, they shouldn't always be taken in an offensive way. (Male)
Pumafur: Spotted brown female bobcat. Pumafur is a well meaning pacifist who cares a lot for those around her in a non romantic way. (Female)


StarClan: Buzzardtail
BuzzardPride: Buzzardstar


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