Leaders of RiverClan

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Leaders of RiverClan

Post  Splashstar on 5/20/2015, 4:55 pm

Splashstar: White she-cat. Splashstar is very curious, as well as ambitious. She enjoys adventure, and danger. Lives Left: 5. (She-Cat)

Flowerstorm: Light gray tabby she-cat. Flowerstorm is a playful yet hard working cat that is always ready to put everything on halt to learn a new battle move, hunting style, or, well just about everything. She picks up on moves quickly, due to her intelligence, and then puts her own spin on things. Yet, despite her enthusiasm, she fails to see when she cannot do something fully; she just keeps pushing herself harder and harder. She craves attention and praise from the higher ranks, but tries her hardest not to let anyone know, but in change turns around and turns that crave into affection for her fellow clanmates, weaker cats, and cats in need. Oddly enough she does not feel the need to vocalize her thoughts, but she shows them in other ways. Whether a nod or shake, her fur raised, or even how her ears are placed, she can be hard to read at times unless you know what to look for. She is sort of clingy and can't stand to be alone or still, for resting and napping are tortures for this young cat. Parent is Foxcloud, Littermate to Mistleg, Silverlight, and Airclaw. (She-Cat)

Medicine Cats:
Wingpelt: Gray and white tom. Wingpelt has a very 'cute' personality. He's sweet, innocent, and loves to help cats! That's if you are nice to him or do what he wants. Parents are Breezepelt and Shimmertail, Littermate to Owlpaw, Webpaw, Beechpaw, and Beetlepaw. (Tom)
Seedpaw: Pale ginger tom. Seedpaw isn't easily vexed, unlike the majority of cats. Parents are Hawkclaw and Starheart, Littermate to Cherrypool and Pouncepaw. Mentor is Wingpelt. (Tom)


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