Leaders of RiverClan

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Leaders of RiverClan

Post  Splashstar on 5/20/2015, 4:55 pm

Splashstar: White she-cat. Splashstar is very curious, as well as ambitious. She enjoys adventure, and danger. Lives Left: 4. (She-Cat)

Mistpelt: Dark gray tabby she-cat. Mistpelt is one of the more optimistic and cheerful cats to be around. Her passion and energy are sometimes contagious. Seemingly random, and not always to be thinking things through, her style of interacting with the world is likely to bring a smile to other cat's faces. Parents are Amberstripe and Shadowflight, Littermate to Mapleflower, Whitejay, Dovefeather, Bluerose, and Echopaw. (She-Cat)

Medicine Cats:
Seedstorm: Pale ginger tom. Seedstorm isn't easily vexed, unlike the majority of cats. Parents are Hawkclaw and Starheart, Littermate to Cherrypool and Pouncepaw. (Tom)


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