Leaders of RiverClan

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Leaders of RiverClan

Post  Splashstar on 5/20/2015, 4:55 pm

Splashstar: White she-cat. Splashstar is very curious, as well as ambitious. She enjoys adventure, and danger. Lives Left: 3. (She-Cat)

Beechwatcher: Light brown tom. He loves just about everyone, and easily trusts cats. He's very social and loves to gossip, but only if it doesn't offend anyone's feelings. The tom doesn't enjoy losing at games, though he doesn't complain or become rude. His patience is very high, though, he will sometimes over-exaggerate. Because of his patience, he can be a great friend and good at expressing empathy. The tom does have his moments, just like every other creature on Earth, where they get depressed or feel lonely. Because he relies on friends for entertainment, when alone he will be very quiet and his level of boredom rises very quickly. Parents are Breezepelt and Shimmertail, Littermate to Owlfire, Webspider, Beetleleaf, and Wingpelt. (Tom)

Medicine Cats:
Seedstorm: Pale ginger tom. Seedstorm isn't easily vexed, unlike the majority of cats. Parents are Hawkclaw and Starheart, Littermate to Cherrypool and Pouncepaw. (Tom)


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