Leaders of CheetahClan

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Leaders of CheetahClan

Post  Longpaw-MistClan on 4/26/2015, 9:44 pm


Whitestorm: A ginger and white ticked tabby she-cat. Whitestorm is best described in two words: cynical and sarcastic. She hardly ever admits to anyone how she really feels deep down. Although on the outside she's a sarcastic cynical butt-head, but deep down she's a sweet caring she-cat! Mate to Birchface. (She-Cat)

Medicine Cat(s):
Lilyalder: White she-cat. Lilyalder is the type of cat that would like to keep to herself. Parents are Brambleheart and Jawflight, Littermate to Redclover, Flightdew, Splashflight, and Furledflight. (She-Cat)

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