Queens and Kits of CheetahClan

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Queens and Kits of CheetahClan

Post  Pebblestar on 4/25/2015, 4:11 pm

Featherpelt: Featherpelt has short silver fur covered with stripes of deep ash. Her eyes are a startling light sapphire, making them her most prominent feature. Her light, lithe structure allows her entrance into many places larger cats would have difficulty reaching. She has muscle hidden beneath her pelt; it is most clearly visible when she is running. Her legs are long, giving her extra speed and grace. Her body is laced with small but intricate patterns of scars. Her claws are rather long and very sharp. She is very gullible and it's easy to gain her trust. She'll believe a cat is a fox if you're convincing enough. You'd think that she'd learn, and she has, just not to the extent you would believe. However, her gullibility has allowed her to trick many who are more clever than she is, mostly just through sheer dumb luck. Mate to Whisperpelt. (She-Cat)
Batstorm: Batstorm is a sandy colored, gangly oriental cat with darker spots along her back and stripes streaking down her unusually long legs and tail as well as curling inwards and around her face to exaggerate round, copper eyes. Her ears are large and almost a bit batty looking (hence her name) and all in all, Batstorm has a very awkward appearance. However, she's limber and agile and has very little problem running down and catching prey, an activity she thoroughly enjoys. Batstorm is friendly and curious. She enjoys soaking up all of the knowledge and skill that she possibly can, akin to a sponge. She's a talkative cat and takes delight in conversation with whoever she happens to stumble upon, whether that be a fellow clan mate, another clan's cat, or even a kittypet or loner that happens to fall upon her path. As a result, Batstorm is very vulnerable and susceptible to trouble. With kindness such as hers, naivety seems sure to follow for such a young, inexperienced she-cat. (She-Cat)
Browndaisy: Black she-cat with hidden spots. She isn't a Mary-Sue, but she isn't that nice either. Sure she's loyal, brave, and friendly. She can also be cocky, rude, and brutal. All these traits together make a normal cat. Parent is Eagleclaw, Littermate to Dawnpaw, Crookednose, and Ospreyfall. Mate to Heartstep. (She-Cat)
Cheetahear: Silver she-cat. Cheetahear knows what she wants, but would never put herself before one of her own clanmates. If she were to see the fresh-kill pile to be meager, she'd be sure that everyone younger than her ate before her. She's loyal and honest, and even has a bit of a wild side. Parents are Whitepelt and Blossomheart, Littermate to Sedgepaw, Silverthistle, Jawflight, Toothfang, and Turtletail. Mate to Rainbowcloud. (She-Cat)
Longstripe: Pale ginger tabby she-cat. Longstripe is not a sweet cat. Though she can be slightly caring at times. She isn't very social, but keeps her ties with other cats. It takes a lot to get her to trust others, but once friendship is achieved, she can be a great and loyal cat. Her views on clan life are to always do your best and not to let anything distract you. Parents are Pinestorm and Bramblestorm, Littermate to Goldenclaw, Frostfire, Russetpaw, and Cedarpelt. Mate to Pantherwhisker. (She-Cat)

Goosekit: Speckled gray tom. He looks so sweet and innocent but, oh my god, no. Parents are Whisperpelt and Featherpelt, Littermate to Stonekit, Stormkit, Tawnykit, and Smallkit. (Tom)
Stonekit: Gray tom. Really sarcastic and not afraid to speak his mind. Parents are Whisperpelt and Featherpelt, Littermate to Goosekit, Stormkit, Tawnykit, and Smallkit. (Tom)
Stormkit: Blue-gray she-cat. Quite awkward but still not afraid to speak her mind. Parents are Whisperpelt and Featherpelt, Littermate to Goosekit, Stonekit, Tawnykit, and Smallkit. (She-Cat)
Tawnykit: Light gray tabby tom. Really friendly but really freaking awkward. Parents are Whisperpelt and Featherpelt, Littermate to Goosekit, Stonekit, Stormkit, and Smallkit. (Tom)
Smallkit: Gray tom. So, so sweet, like sweeter than candy on a stick. Parents are Whisperpelt and Featherpelt, Littermate to Goosekit, Stonekit, Stormkit, and Tawnykit. (Tom)
Frecklekit: Speckled golden she-cat.  Energetic and ready to go, go go! Parents are Saffroncloud of BadgerClan and Batstorm. (She-Cat)
Mousekit: Dusky brown she-cat. Cynical, sly, occasionally childish, thoughtful, loyal, competitive, passive aggressive, sullen, reckless, petty, sarcastic. Parents are Heartstep and Browndaisy. (She-Cat)
Heatherkit: Gray tom. He tends to stutter, and stumble over words. Parents are Rainbowcloud and Cheetahear. (Tom)
Nettlekit: Ginger she-cat. Parents are Pantherwhisker and Longstripe. (She-Cat)


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