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Post  Dustkit-CheetahClan on 4/20/2015, 5:53 pm

Leaders of BuzzardPride PzRlic9


Trufflestripe: Spotted brown male bobcat. Trufflestripe is an introverted bobcat. He's a loyal friend and a careful enemy, and regularly checks his sense of right and wrong. He can be cheerful at times, and, if he's hurt (both emotionally and physically,) he will try his best to hide it from others to keep them from worrying. He defends what he believes to be right and tries to look at things from both sides of the argument. He's compassionate and empathetic towards others, and will do what he can to cheer up his friends. If he senses something wrong, he will often wait to double-check the situation to make sure he has the right idea, and rarely does he ever jump on a situation blindly. If it comes to the point where he must protect another with his life on the line or with something of his on the line, he will do what he can to save them, even at a great cost. He can be seen as a shy, timid, or sometimes even stubborn about things, but it's only because he cares. (Male)

Medicine Bobcat(s):
Fernpool: Brown spotted female bobcat. Fernpool is very skittish and shy. She has a hard time trusting others. For those of you she actually opens up to: Be careful because if you break her heart she might have to break yours. (Female)

Leaders of BuzzardPride Calico-Cat-1-1
StarClan: Buzzardtail
StarPride: Buzzardstar
CheetahClan: Dustkit


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