Elders of ViperPride

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Elders of ViperPride

Post  Whitecub on 4/17/2015, 3:01 pm

Littleflower: Golden female cheetah. Littleflower tends to not take things seriously. She is very shy at first meetings, but her close friends know of the cheetah's true nature. The female has a jumpy and very loud personality, with the cuddliness of a friendly pillow to go along with it. (Female)
Bloodtail: Golden male cheetah. Bloodtail is a friendly and nice cheetah. (Male)
Airfur: Golden female cheetah. Airfur is a shy cheetah, quiet and never says a lot to strangers. Though once you get to know her, she can be very nice. (Female)


StarClan: Viperfur
StarPride: Viperstar
StonePride: Whitecub


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