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Leaders of SmokePride Empty Leaders of SmokePride

Post  Mintstar on 3/14/2015, 3:29 pm

Leaders of SmokePride Pbucket

Mintstar: Pale orange male tiger. Mintstar is very kind toward all of the pride, though he can be too open to outsiders. He is soft-spoken and because of that, he feels often ignored. Lives Left: 2. (Male)

Redclaw: Orange male tiger. Redclaw is an intermediate runner, he loves running and desires to become faster than a cheetah, which he can't. (Male)

Medicine Tiger(s):
Eclipsesong: Orange female tiger with dark stripes. Eclipsesong is a quiet tiger, so quiet many think she is mute until she speaks. She has a soft, warm voice that is very reassuring. (Female)
Emberstripe: Orange male tiger. Stubborn, judgmental, insensitive. Parents are Smokestar and Stormcloud, Littermate to Hazelear and Antfang. Mentor is Eclipsesong. (Male)


StarClan: Cardinalkit
SmokePride: Mintstar

Leaders of SmokePride Mintstar

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