Queens and Cubs of SmokePride

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Queens and Cubs of SmokePride

Post  Mintstar on 3/14/2015, 3:27 pm

Wolfheart: Orange female tiger. Wolfheart is pretty shy when you first meet her, but after she warms up, she's a pretty hyper and bold tiger. This tiger isn't afraid to voice her opinions after a while. Wolfheart often doesn't think before she acts and would rather jump right into a situation. (Female)
Ravenfrost: Orange female tiger. Ravenfrost is a large, intimidating, and generally bad-tempered tiger. She has low self-esteem and struggles in social interactions with her fellow pridemates. She loves SmokePride dearly and would proudly die in battle in defense of it. She just struggles talking to tigers. She hides behind her intimidating persona. She does have a soft spot for cubs though. (Female)

Snowcub: Pale orange male tiger. Doesn't have almost a mean bone in his body. If he thinks that he is mean he will literally apologize constantly on the spot, like there is no holding back from that. Parents are Mintstar and Wolfheart, Littermate to Heathercub. (Male)
Heathercub: Orange female tiger. Like, Heathercub isn't narcissistic or anything, but she feels as if everyone needs to like her. She's a perfectionist. If someone doesn't like her, she must be doing something wrong. Parents are Mintstar and Wolfheart, Littermate to Snowcub. (Female)
Swiftcub: Orange female tiger. Parents are Mintstar and Ravenfrost. (Female)


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