Apprentices of IceClan

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Apprentices of IceClan

Post  Duststar on 12/28/2014, 4:42 pm

Applepaw: Golden tabby tom. This tom is the first voice you'll hear in a crowd and the last in an argument. He's bold, outspoken and rather a challenge to get along with - that is, unless one has learned to tread softly around him. He has a short fuse and is quick to voice his opinions. This isn't because Applepaw wants to fight (though he always loves a good challenge and is generally competitive) it's just the way Applepaw is. Surprisingly this tom is very affectionate and friendly. He does well working with other cats as well as on his own and enjoys rough-housing with anyone who can keep up with him. There is more than meets the eye to this cat. Scratch beneath the surface of his personality - he dares you. Parents are Onestar and Whiteleap, Littermate to Frostkit and Lightpaw. Mentor is Moleleg. (Tom)
Lightpaw: Black she-cat. Her short fuse and silver tongue as well as her tendency to put her paw in her mouth are all apparent weaknesses. She can also be cutting, aggressive and judgmental. Parents are Onestar and Whiteleap, Littermate to Applepaw and Frostkit. Mentor is Grayfur. (She-Cat)
Lostpaw: Black tom. His nasty temper is often a big weakness, always sending him lunging into battle quickly. Parents are Duststar and Adderclaw. Mentor is Stealthflower. (Tom)


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