Leaders of BatPride

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Leaders of BatPride

Post  Batstar on 12/3/2014, 9:49 pm

Batstar: Golden spotted female cheetah. Batstar can be easily annoyed, always finding the tiniest detail to get mad at. She's always had her own opinion, an opinion that she won't let others confront her about. Lives Left: 1. (Female)

Stormstripe: Golden spotted male cheetah. Stormstripe is someone who has the feeling of understanding and sharing another cheetah's experiences and feelings. (Male)

Medicine Cheetah:
Eclipsepelt: Golden spotted female cheetah. Eclispepelt is a playful cheetah, and loves nothing more than to get rid of chores and play. She dislikes seriousness, and always sees the best in anyone; even if they are a grumpy pridemate. She's quite optimistic, and enjoys visiting the cubs. (Female)


StarClan: Batclaw
BatPride: Batstar


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