Apprentices of HurricanePride

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Apprentices of HurricanePride

Post  Hurricanestar on 11/17/2014, 10:42 pm

Ravenpaw: Golden male ocelot. Ravenpaw is a stubborn ocelot who can be somewhat helpful. He believes that ocelots should do whatever they think is right but be prepared that others will disagree with them. Most of the time he won't talk about himself and comes off as boring, Ravenpaw would rather listen to others and their problems. The ocelot can lose his temper when you push him around, he will usually walk away from you if he doesn't then watch out. Mentor is Bloomstripe. (Male)
Skypaw: Golden female ocelot. You'll find that Skypaw is probably one of the friendliest ocelots around. You can easily whip up a conversation with her without it being all awkward, as it is with most ocelots you've never met before. Mentor is Magnoliatail. (Female)
Aspenpaw: Golden male ocelot. Aspenpaw is a loyal and caring cat. He will stand up for younger or weaker ocelots or just anyone being bullied in general. He is very friendly and helpful. He doesn't like being mistreated. If this ever happens, he gets very defensive and won't hesitate on giving a lecture about it. He has a good sense of humor and loves adventure and adrenaline rushes. Mentor is Shalewind. (Male)
Midnightpaw: Golden female ocelot. She can be short tempered and grumpy. She loves to fight. Can be hard to get along with. When she's tired she's really nice. If you become her friend she will protect you no matter what. She's very loyal, but is untrustworthy at the same time. She tends to keep secrets. Feelings for her can be dangerous. Mentor is Rotpelt. (Female)
Lilypaw: Golden male ocelot. Lilypaw is a cocktail of personality traits. His most obvious and distinguished trait is his bravery. Mentor is Thunderfur. (Male)


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