Elders of LionClan

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Elders of LionClan

Post  Icestar on 10/11/2014, 6:54 pm

Brightstorm: Fuzzy blue she-cat with white patches. Head is always in the clouds, often trips over roots right in her path for not paying attention. Was chased out of BadgerClan for wandering into other clan territories far too often. Mate to Icestar. (She-Cat)
Brookfur: Brown tabby she-cat, thick flowing fur with swirling stripes. Brookfur is an extremely quiet she-cat, until she believes you are worthy of being spoken to. Once you gain her trust, she is extremely friendly and easy to get along with. (She-Cat)
Mousepelt: Thick-furred brown tom. Extremely easy-going, but also very protective of his family. His mother was a warrior who fell in love with a rogue cat. Gave birth to two kits, one being Mousepelt and the other growing up to be Decay, former Leader of ClawClan. (Tom)
Thornear: Prone to playing pranks and scaring the other cats with his friends, thick-furred ginger tom with black patches on his body. Mate to Poppystorm. (Tom)
Swiftfoot: Dark brown cat with a slightly tilted view on life. Prefers to look "outside the forest" for answers and has almost been captured by twolegs far too many times to count. Mate to Dawntail. (Tom)
Raggedheart: Large dark brown tabby she-cat. Raggedheart is clumsy, and she's one of those cats who laughs at themselves when they fall. She's overall quite shy however, and hates being the center of attention. She enjoys many things- she does not however like to get her paws wet, or swim, what so ever. Parents are Scarfire and Dapplefur, Littermate to Windlion, Leopardkit, Patchbelly, Poppybird, and Mumblepaw. (She-Cat)

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