Elders of OspreyPride

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Elders of OspreyPride

Post  Ospreystar on 9/24/2014, 3:39 pm

Seatail: Golden male ocelot. Kind, sweet, trusty, and nice. A great friend. Has a tender heart. Loyal to his pride. (Male)
Cottonear: Golden male ocelot. This ocelot is incredibly confident. (Male)
Spottedpelt: Golden male ocelot. A secretive heart is the key to this male. It's hard to tell what his opinions may be about anyone. Getting a simple reply out of him is even harder, honestly. Spottedpelt much prefers a quiet attitude unless it's about running. Anything too important to him remains locked up unless he finds it needed to be revealed. He's much more of a watcher than a talker, meaning he prefers to watch and act than to say something. (Male)
Spottedeye: Golden female ocelot. Many ocelots would probably tell anyone that Spottedeye's personality is rude and dark. By Spottedeye's opinion of her own personality, however, she is simply truthful and to the point. Carrying a bad temper with her, Spottedeye tends to lash out at others in pure anger or disgust over small things. It takes her a while to calm down and recompose herself again. (Female)
Thundertail: Golden female ocelot. A warm heart emanates from this ocelot. (Female)


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