Leaders of OspreyPride

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Leaders of OspreyPride

Post  Ospreystar on 7/31/2014, 1:29 am

Ospreystar: Golden female ocelot. Silently brilliant and subtly humorous, Ospreystar is an extremely shy individual. Always seeking the serenity of being alone and avoiding any and all contact with others. Her overall thirst for adventure drags her by the tail into sticky situations she'll always try to solve by herself, generally making it worse in the process. But while she can be a bit of a handful, there's no stopping her once she's got her mind set on something and definitely no chance it won't be done. It's often overlooked by most ocelots due to how accidentally troublesome she is, but, all in all, she is very creative and resourceful, but maybe not in the best of ways… Lives Left: 1. (Female)

Corpseheart: Golden female ocelot. Fussy, dislikes logic-based reasoning, optimistic. (Female)

Medicine Ocelot(s):
Jasminefeather: Golden male ocelot. Can be friendly when close but also can be very shy when strangers approach. (Male)


StarClan: Sheepwhisker, Ospreyfall
OspreyPride: Ospreystar


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