Former FrozenClan Cats

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Former FrozenClan Cats

Post  Snowspider on 6/16/2014, 8:28 pm

Talonfur: Brown tabby she-cat. Talonfur is kindhearted even if she appears rough and surly on the exterior. She cares for her Clanmates deeply and she would go into a state of severe grief if ever a Clanmate was injured and she could've done something to prevent it. (She-Cat)
Frozenstar: Blue-gray she-cat. Frozenstar is a cat of many layers.  On the exterior, she is a light-hearted and energetic she-cat.  She simply cannot sit still and is always bounding about eagerly in search of adventure and mischief. Deputy: Molewhisker (Molestar) (She-Cat)
Molestar: Black tom. Molestar is a genial and honest tom who always behaves warmly towards his fellow clanmates. Mate to Silverwing. Deputy: Blazefern (Blazestar) (Tom)
Nightfern: Dark ginger tabby tom. Very quick thinking, Nightfern is a cat that would change his plan seconds before he does it. He can never stay with one decision and he always seems to be in a dilemma with himself. Nightfern is also known to come up with the most absurd ideas and others often make fun of him for it. However, when the tom actually sticks with a idea, its almost bound to work. But that never happens. Parents are Sandfoot and Saplingtail, Littermate to Cragheart, Whisperingflower, Sleepflower, and Smokepaw. (Tom)
Garnetfur: Pale gray tabby she-cat. Garnetfur is usually very shy and gentle, but she has a pure evil side and boy, she can fight. Her nice side is her main personality and when it is dominant, she is beloved by most. However, her dark side is twisted and aggressive. She is mostly cheerful and chatty, but she can get very angry. Mate to Eaglepelt. (She-Cat)
Sandfoot: Mottled gray tom. Sandfoot is a jovial and fun-loving tom. Mate to Saplingtail. (Tom)
Crowfeather: Dark gray she-cat. Crowfeather is kind, bubbly, and friendly. She gets selfish sometimes, but is nice to every cat she meets. Parents are Owlwhisker and Duskfur, Littermate to Mossysplash. (She-Cat)


StarClan: Frozenclaw, Frozenstar, Bronzekit
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