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Warriors of TalonClan

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Senior Warriors:
Silverfall: Light brown tabby tom. Silverfall is a soft, gentle cat, with enough compassion for a whole Clan. He tends to give in most of the time, but don't think he's a pushover. He'll stand up for what's right in his opinion. Silverfall is also very sensitive to comments about himself. When he hears anything insulting to himself, he'll come to you and give you a scolding, which given his ability and wisdom, can make you scared. Mate to Hilltail. (Tom)
Dropnose: Cream-colored tom.  Dropnose is a very kind tom that would take any injured cat under his care. He can be very strict with another cat if he needed to. He could sometimes be caught in a bad mood if he fails on saving another cats life. Mate to Dewheart. (Tom)
Falconwhisker: Gray and white tom.  Falconwhisker is a handsome tom. He is often very calm, though he can be very fierce, but only if he absolutely has to be. Mate to Whispercloud. (Tom)
Wolfblaze: Golden tabby tom. Wolfblaze is extremely stubborn and doesn't take no for an answer. He's very quiet, not shy quiet, but reserved quiet. Wolfblaze is not exactly anti-social, but then again he's not the prettiest social butterfly out there either. Mate to Ebonypetal. (Tom)
Batleap: Reddish tabby tom. This tom has a very gentle personality, making it easy to find new friends if he could only overcome his occasional shyness. Batleap's feelings are very touchy and he can become upset over some of the slightest comments about him. Mate to Amberlight. (Tom)
Rainstep: Black and white tom. Rainstep is shy, quiet, and very independent, but can be very enthusiastic and funny once he gets to know you. He is also somewhat short-tempered, and quick to take offense, but when this happens, will not speak out or have a large outburst. Usually, he will keep to himself and go silent and cold to the offender for long periods of time, though his fury will fade, and he will forgive hopefully by the end of the day. But, most cats will never see this side of him. Rainstep is enthusiastic and generous, and not excluding, and always tries to make sure each cat has a taste of what is the best, and very thoughtful. Mate to Cherryfall. (Tom)

Rabbitstripe: Very pale gray tom with black stripes.  Rabbitstripe is generally very calm, and collected. Mate to Gingercloud. (Tom)
Shadowfrost: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Shadowfrost is a quick thinker, almost always on her toes, and she is usually two steps ahead of the game. (She-Cat)
Shadestorm: Pale ginger she-cat. One could call me fairly ambitious. Not to the point that I would kill or harm others to get what I want, but just ambitious enough to make me pursue my dreams and never give up. Mate to Mangostar. (She-Cat)
Muddyfur: Light brown she-cat. She was born very happy, cheerful and outgoing. Parent is Gingercloud, Littermate to Brackenpaw. (She-Cat)
Sedgetail: Tortoiseshell and white she-cat. Sedgetail is very snippy to those she doesn't like or those who order her around. She hates being told what to do but will do it anyways. Mate to Spiritpelt. (She-Cat)
Violetfur: Dark brown tabby tom. Violetfur is a fun cat to be around. He's energetic and funny, but protects his friends and important cats in his life no matter what. He is outgoing, but is gullible and an airhead... when it comes to relationships, he's a total block head... But Violetfur is unique in his own way, and takes almost everything as a compliment. He's a very 'up' kind of cat. Parent is Shadowfrost. (Tom)
Pouncewing: Ginger and white tom. This tom is quite shy. You usually have to approach him in order for him to make any sort of conversation. He's not very outspoken, but when he does speak, it tends to be bold and heard by all. His eyes are shy but his words are bold. He is like the wind and the river. Quiet and wistful, yet quick and powerful. Parents are Mangostar and Shadestorm, Littermate to Fishstep. (Tom)
Fishstep: White tom. It's no doubt he has a low-self-esteem. He just doesn't act like it, he denies it in his mind. To him, it does.not.exist. Parents are Mangostar and Shadestorm, Littermate to Pouncewing. (Tom)
Ravenheart: White she-cat with ginger patches. Ravenheart isn't bothered in the least by the snarky and sardonic comments some cats may make. She has a slick and cool demeanor that leads other to believe she isn't affected by any insults or issues. Mate to Toadfur. (She-Cat)
Clearpool: Light gray tom. Clearpool is wise, charming, silly, smart, and brave beyond belief. Parents are Spiritpelt and Sedgetail, Littermate to Quickfur, Firconestripe, and Jackdawthorn. (Tom)
Fallenpool: Light brown tabby she-cat. Fallenpool is very shy. She can barely speak in front of a small audience, due to her shyness. It is a confidence problem, too. Mate to Dawnclaw. (She-Cat)
Lostwing: White she-cat. How should I put this? Well, let's say that Lostwing has a two-sided personality. One day, she can be kind, caring, understanding, and gentle, another day she can be grumpy and uncharitable. Mate to Floodleg. (She-Cat)
Firconestripe: Tortoiseshell she-cat. Firconestripe is a smart, silly, charming, fighter of a cat. Parents are Spiritpelt and Sedgetail, Littermate to Clearpool, Quickfur, and Jackdawthorn. (She-Cat)
Jackdawthorn: Black tom. Jackdawthorn is a silly, funny, flirty kitty. Parents are Spiritpelt and Sedgetail, Littermate to Clearpool, Quickfur, and Firconestripe. (Tom)
Daisyface: Long-furred cream she-cat. Daisyface is a cocktail of personality traits. Her most obvious and distinguished trait is her bravery. Parents are Toadfur and Ravenheart. (She-Cat)
Cherrystripe: Cream tabby tom. Cherrystripe is one of the classic diplomats - an emphatic and idealistic individual who enjoys exploring interesting ideas and prizes morality. He should be known for his enthusiasm, optimism and intuitive skills. Parents are Dawnclaw and Fallenpool, Littermate to Bronzekit and Cinnamonpool. (Tom)
Cinnamonpool: Golden spotted tom. Cinnamonpool is quite lazy and spends a lot of his time sleeping, which he does so much that he is able to fall into a deep sleep in a matter of seconds. Likewise, he is often asleep or not listening whenever someone talks to him. Parents are Dawnclaw and Fallenpool, Littermate to Bronzekit and Cherrystripe. (Tom)
Magpiestripe: Black tom. I tend to blow little things up into big things and get overly dramatic, but I have a way of being two steps ahead of most other cats. Parents are Floodleg and Lostwing, Littermate to Hazeheart. (Tom)
Hazeheart: Gray tabby tom. Honest, Blunt, Stubborn, Calm, Practical, Insensitive, Responsible, Loyal, Quiet. Parents are Floodleg and Lostwing, Littermate to Magpiestripe. (Tom)
Hilltail: Small gray and white she-cat. Hilltail is a gentle, caring she-cat. She has the uncanny knack of seeing the good side of anyone she meets. Mate to Silverfall. (She-Cat)
Dewheart: Gray tabby she-cat. Dewheart could be described in a 'nutshell' as the purely demonic beauty of TalonClan. She is secretive, even to her closest friends. She doesn't show mercy, instead enjoying to toy with her enemies before killing them. Dewdheart also tends to be sarcastic, almost rudely so. She is manipulative, and mysterious, making her unpredictable. Dewheart is also dangerously ambitious, though she manages to hide it. She also uses her beauty to convince most toms to do what she wants. Mate to Dropnose. (She-Cat)
Whispercloud: White she-cat. Whispercloud is a gentle she-cat. She isn't angered easily, and can usually find time for her friends. She does not consider herself at all pretty or attractive. In fact, finding that special some cat isn't on her wish list. She's a hard-working she-cat, always ready to leap to her Clan's defense, or go out on another patrol even after an exhausting day. Once she's set to a task, she's determined to do it, and do it right. Once she's focused on something, almost nothing can move her attention. Mate to Falconwhisker. (She-Cat)
Starface: Light brown tabby tom. Confident, indecisive, superstitious, pious, hopeful, committed, underestimated . Parents are Silverfall and Hilltail, Littermate to Sandclaw, Sloedaisy, and Beechtail. (Tom)
Sandclaw: Long-haired white tom. Sandclaw is a... complex, individual. You think you know everything about him, and then he'll surprise you with another layer of his character. The best way to describe him in a few words is: 'that guy'. Parents are Silverfall and Hilltail, Littermate to Starface, Sloedaisy, and Beechtail. (Tom)
Sloedaisy: Black she-cat. Most cats know, upon meeting her, that Sloedaisy is certainly not the nicest cat in her clan. Compared to most assholes, in her opinion, she is quite pleasant to be around. Parents are Silverfall and Hilltail, Littermate to Starface, Sandclaw, and Beechtail. (She-Cat)
Beechtail: Sandy brown tabby tom. Beechtail is friendly to most...unless you give him reason not to be. One particular reason would be him overhearing anybody talking smack about his friends; he'll be quick to defend them due to his own loyalty to them. Parents are Silverfall and Hilltail, Littermate to Starface, Sandclaw, and Sloedaisy. (Tom)
Rockwhisker: Gray she-cat. Determined, strong-willed, protective, loyal, intelligent, selfless, calm. Parents are Dropnose and Dewheart, Littermate to Thrushflight, Frostear, Aspenpelt, Bouldertail, and Eveningfang. (She-Cat)
Thrushflight: Light gray she-cat. Demanding, blunt, temperamental, defensive, pessimistic, paranoid, careless. Parents are Dropnose and Dewheart, Littermate to Rockwhisker, Frostpaw, Aspenpaw, Boulderpaw, and Eveningpaw. (She-Cat)
Ebonypetal: Dark cream she-cat. Ebonypetal is a gentle, nurturing she-cat. She is loyal; to her Clan, and her friends. She does not consider herself to be overly good-looking, or at all attractive. She is satisfied by the smallest things, and finds beauty in everything, and everyone, no matter their simplicity or complexity. Mate to Wolfblaze. (She-Cat)
Frostear: Gray tabby she-cat. Quiet, self-sacrificing, closed-off, impassive. Parents are Dropnose and Dewheart, Littermate to Rockwhisker, Thrushflight, Aspenpelt, Bouldertail, and Eveningfang. (She-Cat)
Aspenpelt: Gray tabby she-cat. Always wakes up before dawn - no matter what time she goes to sleep, will not sleep if she stays up until dawn. Parents are Dropnose and Dewheart, Littermate to Rockwhisker, Thrushflight, Frostear, Bouldertail, and Eveningfang. (She-Cat)
Bouldertail: Gray tabby she-cat. Bouldertail is someone who has been forced down again and again, and every time she picks herself back up. She refuses to let anything keep her down for long, she has a mission in life and will push herself through the difficult times no matter how badly she comes out on the other side. She suffers, deals, and then moves on - no matter how badly she wants to die she would never think of laying down and giving up. It is an option she doesn't have. She is someone with a determination that can often be frightening to some - she'll keep fighting even if she has nothing left to give, even if she's standing alone on a battlefield. She may not believe in hope, but that doesn't stop her from giving everything she has. Parents are Dropnose and Dewheart, Littermate to Rockwhisker, Thrushflight, Frostear, Aspenpelt, and Eveningfang. (She-Cat)
Eveningfang: Gray tabby she-cat. Eveningfang doesn't talk much, she usually stands on the sidelines and simply watches - and if she does talk, it's not much. She doesn't talk to others about herself, doesn't give anyone anymore information than they need. She's a damn wallflower, my god. She's a very private cat, and if you have earned such a deep trust that she allows herself to open up to you - you better not tell anyone else, or it will simply close her off more. Parents are Dropnose and Dewheart, Littermate to Rockwhisker, Thrushflight, Frostear, Aspenpelt, and Bouldertail. (She-Cat)
Amberlight: Dark brown she-cat. She's a faithful, selfless she-cat who seldom breaks promise, always going out of her  way to make others happy, even if it doesn't end well for her. She enjoys feeling free, walking through the forest as she stalks prey, feeling the earth pass under pads. She is very difficult to anger, usually keeping calm and focused. But be warned, if she gets angered, you best stay out of her way, for she will get her revenge. Mate to Batleap. (She-Cat)


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