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Post  Mangostar on 5/25/2014, 9:30 pm

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Poppyfur: Small dusky brown she-cat. She lives in constant fear of being hurt. Even so, she has a bright personality. Once you get to know her. When she meets someone new she acts nervous but rarely does she ever scratch or bite. She shows affection to those weaker than her. (She-Cat)
Miststripe: Long-haired gray tom. Miststripe is quiet and alert. (Tom)
Spiritpelt: Dark brown tabby tom. Spiritpelt has a mixed personality. Mate to Sedgetail. (Tom)
Toadfur: Golden brown tabby tom. Not the sharpest thorn on the bush, Toadfur is your typical strong and silent warrior.  He relies more on brute strength than on carefully planned strategies.  He's one of the less popular cats in his clan, not possessing many qualities that endear him to his clanmates.  He is not especially friendly or charming, nor is particularly social or keen on forming and maintaining friendships. Mate to Ravenheart. (Tom)
Dawnclaw: Golden brown tabby tom. Dawnclaw will always act like a young cat. Mate to Fallenpool. (Tom)

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