Leaders of AirClan

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Leaders of AirClan

Post  Airstar on 3/17/2014, 1:34 pm

Airstar: Red-brown she-cat. Airstar is a kind and gentle she-cat, although she can be stern at times. She can be very flirty and loves the idea of falling in love and having kits. Lives Left: 1. (She-Cat)

Rubycloud: Dark gray she-cat. Withdrawn from others and antisocial, Rubycloud has a hard time believing she is accepted anywhere. This leads to her often doubting and deluding herself. (She-Cat)

Medicine Cat(s):
Cinderfeather: Speckled gray tom. Cinderfeather is kind and is loving has a radiance about him and he is calm in difficult situations but handles them well. (Tom)
Reedpaw: Light brown tabby she-cat. Reedpaw very much likes sunlight and daytime. It soothes her. Parent is Wildfur. Mentor is Cinderfeather. (She-Cat)


StarClan: Airpelt
AirClan: Airstar


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