Leaders of BlizzardClan

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Leaders of BlizzardClan

Post  Blizzardstar on 2/21/2014, 1:16 pm

Blizzardstar: Ginger tom. Blizzardstar is a high energy, sociable cat. He is known for making the most of what he has, and somehow entertaining himself with any materials left to him. He is witty, crafty, and loves a good game. He is a bit rambunctious for his mature age. Blizzardstar is a homebody, and enjoys being surrounded by his clanmates. He is ambitious, and would willingly defend the ones closest to him at the cost of his life. Lives Left: 2. Mate to Clearstorm. (Tom)

Aquafur: Golden brown tabby tom. Aquafur is a cat that enjoys attention, and specially loves to be praised, and because of this, he does his best to impress older peers of his that he has respect for. Mate to Applepool. (Tom)

Medicine Cat:
Flamefeather: Gray tabby tom. Flamefeather is often mistaken for being a bit air-headed at first glance, but he is much more aware than others think. He loves to constantly be informed with what's going on among his clanmates as well as what goes on in the other clans. The term "nosey" fits him perfectly, so this almost always leads him to becoming quite a gossiper. Flamefeather doesn't mean to do this out of spite, though. It's just his overwhelming curiosity that drives him to become apart of situations he has no business butting in to. (Tom)
Thornflower: Golden brown tabby tom. He is very grumpy, snappy, and sarcastic. Parent is Whisperfrost. Mentor is Flamefeather. (Tom)


StarClan: Blizzardclaw
BlizzardClan: Blizzardstar


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