Leaders of MistClan

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Leaders of MistClan

Post  Larkstar on 2/19/2014, 6:39 pm

Larkstar: Black tabby tom. Larkstar is generally outgoing and enjoys company. He is highly active, never liking to stay in one place for too long, unless he has specific ties to it. He is loyal and passionate to those he loves, and will fight to the end to protect them. He considers himself to be intelligent, and is very easy going. He is sometimes over affectionate, and loves romance. Parents are Moonclaw and Lemontail, Littermate to Berryflight, Daisypaw, Kinkheart, Reedcloud, and Screechpelt. Lives Left: 1. Mate to Bramblefoot. (Tom)

Ivyfur: Dark ginger tabby tom. Ivyfur is a fierce type of cat. He enjoys to fight for whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and will always get what he wants because he wins the battle. Ivyfur believes in "survival of the fittest", he is determined to be stronger than any cat will ever be, so he trains almost every day by fighting cats that don't give him what he wants. Ivyfur is somewhat spoiled, but has to earn whatever he wants, which isn't too hard for him. He doesn't like making friends with any cat. Parents are Miststar and Emberstream, Littermate to Jaggedpaw, Jayfoot, and Lavenderwhisker. Mate to Bamboofur. (Tom)

Medicine Cats:
Bloodshade: Brown she-cat. Blooshade has many factors to her inside personality that lies beneath her 'shell'. This shell is thick and isn't easy to break through. The only ones who truly know her are those who she trusts with her life. Parents are Wetfrost and Dewstripe, Littermate to Brambleripple, Mothpelt, Rainash, and Heatherfoot. (She-Cat)
Crystalsong: Black tabby tom. Holds grudges for a while. Parents are Kinkheart and Jadestorm, Littermate to Jackdawkit, Meteorpaw, Aspenpaw, Streampaw, and Dewpaw. Mentor is Bloodshade. (Tom)


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