Elders of WindClan

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Elders of WindClan

Post  Windstar on 2/17/2014, 12:45 pm

Pebblefur: Small dusky brown she-cat. At first glance it is quite easy for others to assume that she is very energetic. She is then assumed to have a "bubbly" personality, but that is not the case. Pebblefur is very impatient and is known to always be in a rush, but she is actually not that friendly. It can take other cats quite a while to slip past her bossy attitude. She is known to scoff at those she deems "weaker" than her and can actually become quite nasty when someone stands in her way. (She-Cat)
Applecloud: Red torbie tom. Applecloud is a fun loving, free spirit who will always speak his mind. He is extremely stubborn and determined and because of that, his pride is huge. Applecloud doesn't flaunt it though because he is very humble. (Tom)
Icefur: Small brown tom. Icefur is wise, charming, silly, smart, and brave beyond belief. (Tom)


StarClan: Brighttail, Windear
WindClan: Windstar


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