Leaders of WindClan

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Leaders of WindClan

Post  Windstar on 2/14/2014, 11:00 am


Spiritclaw: Light brown tabby tom. Simply put, Spiritclaw is a perfectionist. (Tom)

Medicine Cat(s):
Twotail: Ginger tom. Twotail is kind and kit-like. His mischievous nature might get him into trouble, but he means no harm. Twotail likes to run and play with kits. He knows that growing up is hard, so he pushed the concept of mental, spiritual growing up away, and focuses on being young and free. (Tom)
Meadowpaw: Gray she-cat. Meadowpaw is one of those cats who value intelligence and logic as well as the ability to find solutions. She is typically a strongly driven individual, though she tries too hard to turn problems into logical explanations and may not place as much importance or value on opinions formed without thought. She has no understanding or value for decisions made on the basis of personal feelings or opinions. She strives constantly to achieve a distant view or conclusion to problems, and doesn't understand the importance or relevance of such personal emotional to decisions. For this reason, Meadowpaw is usually not in-tune with how cats are feeling, and is not naturally well-equipped to meet the emotional needs of others. Parent is Clearfrost, Littermate to Doefur, Flailstorm, and Gooseleg. Mentor is Twotail. (She-Cat)


StarClan: Brighttail, Windear
WindClan: Windstar


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