Former SpiderClan Cats

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Former SpiderClan Cats

Post  Steampaw on 2/4/2014, 8:08 pm

Spiderstar: Large white tom with black paws. Spiderstar is a very clan loyal tom cat who is all about clan blood. Don't have that? don't even try to talk to him. Other than that he is a pretty fun cat to talk to and hang around with. His sarcastic personality makes him a pretty funny tom. Mate to Whitefur. Deputy: Redclaw (Redstar) (Tom)
Heatkit: Tortoiseshell she-cat. She is completely devoted to anyone who she trust and cares the most, and she will do anything in order to protect them. Parents are Toadwhisker and Darkpelt, Littermate to Rainkit, Mothkit, Scorchkit, Hollowkit, and Blizzardkit. (She-Cat)
Redstar: Ginger tom. Now Redstar is quite shy, preferring to stay out of trouble of any kind. He's very sincere and would never tell a lie unless absolutely necessary or if the truth may hurt another's feelings (in which in this case the lie would most likely be a 'little white lie'). Mate to Onyxbird. Deputy: Toadwhisker (Toadstar) (Tom)
Whitefur: Mottled brown she-cat. Whitefur is well known for her kindness to others. She is always loyal to her clan. In battle she is a nightmare to any opposing cat. She doesn't like to fight, but if she is attacked, she will defend herself. She us always shy, but in a dangerous situation, she will stand up for her clan. Mate to Spiderstar. (She-Cat)
Breezeheart: Black she-cat. Breezeheart seems fragile but she can definetly put up a fight. She is however shy and quiet she only talks to her friends. Parent is Ravenfur, Littermate to Emberbeetle, Dewfire, and Poppyfall. (She-Cat)


StarClan: Cedarstar, Spidereye, Spiderstar, Ravenfeather
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