Leaders of ThunderClan

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Leaders of ThunderClan

Post  Russetstar on 12/21/2013, 3:34 pm

Russetstar: Dark ginger tom. Loyalty for his clan is something that Russetstar cannot grasp easily. While he would never let a clanmate die with him attempting to prevent the death, he will never throw his life away for another. Self-preservation is one of the main emotions this cat regularly feels. While he won't allow a cat to die without him trying something, Russetstar will never allow death to grasp him. Parents are Thunderstar and Littlefur, Littermate to Loststar. Lives Left: 1. Mate to Mouseshine. (Tom)


Medicine Cat(s):
Warblerear: Light gray she-cat. Warblerear is a very nice cat, she believes firmly in the ancestors. Parents are Mossfur and Sharpfall. (She-Cat)
Rowanspider: Brown tabby tom. Rowanspider is definitely a troublemaker, wasting his abilities on pranks that usually include swapping items. Parents are Lilytail and Mistynose, Littermate to Pricklepaw, Frostpaw, and Frozenpaw. Mentor is Warblerear. (Tom)


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