Kittypets of Twoleg Place

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Kittypets of Twoleg Place

Post  Goldenpaw on 11/20/2013, 4:14 pm

Blondie: Pale orange she-cat. Blondie is a very naive cat, always asking the most obvious questions. Due to this, she can act a bit childish at times. Parents are Breezestar and Mudsun, Littermate to Muddypaw, Violetpaw, Honeypaw, Dawnpaw, and Amethystpaw. (She-Cat)
Cinder: Brown and white tom. he is bad tempered, never likes to wait. He is fair, doesn't do things for no reason. He loves to fight, the feeling of blood between his claws, but he doesn't do it for the fun of it. He will do it with good reason. (Tom)
Shorty: Silver tabby tom. Shorty is a sweet-heart with an attitude. He is very nice and sweet but can have an attitude. Parent is Ravenfur, Littermate to Breeezeheart, Emberbeetle, and Poppypaw. (Tom)

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