Leaders of BreezeClan

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Leaders of BreezeClan

Post  Seastar on 10/14/2013, 4:00 pm

Seastar: Silver-gray she-cat. Overall, Seastar is an upbeat and personable she-cat. She does her best to serve her clan by any means necessary: caring for kits, hunting patrols, border patrols, training apprentices (even if she'd rather adventure on her own).  She also likes to balance her free time between personal time and time with others -- sometimes she likes to enjoy warm days in the summer with friends, other days she needs quiet reflection in the woods, alone. However, Seastar tends to over think most aspects of her life and can end up ruining relationships that way. She doesn't like to sit still, she likes to get up and go go go! She is not a leader, she is definitely a follower. Lives Left: 1. (She-Cat)

Violetpoppy: Dark brown tabby tom. He likes rainy days, much to the confusion of those around him. He admires cats who are gutsy, and not afraid to stand up for someone when needed. Also, he likes a peaceful quiet to be in the air surrounding him. Parents are Breezestar and Mudsun, Littermate to Weedpaw, Muddypetal, Honeylight, Dawnpool, and Amethystcloud. Mate to Ashfeather. (Tom)

Medicine Cat:
Muddypetal: Cream tom with brown points. Muddypetal has been described as the 'nice guy'. He's generally pretty outgoing and casual, and makes friends super easily. Of course, being the nice guy and all he can get walked over pretty easily. At least that's what cats think. Muddypetal tends to be really good at containing his anger towards other cats, but if you take one bad step on the minefield.. BOOM. He explodes. It's hard keeping all that pressure locked up, y'know. Parents are Breezestar and Mudsun, Littermate to Weedpaw, Violetpoppy, Honeypaw, Dawnpool, and Amethystcloud. (Tom)
Elkpaw: Silver point tom. This tom doesn't take no for an answer, it's either his way or the highway. It's honestly pointless trying to argue with him seeing as he'll simply shut down every single argument of yours and make you look like a fool in front of everyone else. Parents are Mousewing and Oakwing, Littermate to Lavenderpaw and Bonepaw. Mentor is Muddypetal. (Tom)


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