SnakeClan Territory and Information

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SnakeClan Territory and Information Empty SnakeClan Territory and Information

Post  Blackfire on 10/21/2010, 3:17 pm

SnakeClan Territory and Information SnakeClan

Clan Characteristics:
Battle-hungry, aggressive, ambitious, and greedy for territory. It is said that the cold wind that blows across the SnakeClan territory chills their hearts and makes them suspicious and untrusting.

Frogs, liziards, and snakes that live in Snakeclan's boggy territory. A secret food source is the twoleg garbage dump, at least when ClawClan isn't inhabiting it.

Hunting skills:
SnakeClan cats hunt by night better than the other Clan cats and are skilled at skulking unseen through the undergrowth.

Shared Borders With:
BadgerClan, CheetahClan, LionClan, RavenClan, and Twoleg Place

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