Former BrookClan Cats

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Former BrookClan Cats

Post  Crowfeather on 5/13/2013, 5:26 pm

Treedawn: Pale gray tabby tom. Treedawn has a sharp tongue and can be a bit grumpy. He is very decisive, and can rarely be convinced to change his decisions. (Tom)
Brookstar: Brown tabby she-cat. Brookstar is a cat who looks beyond first impressions. She is a loyal, true cat, and is also very honest. She would never let harm come to her Clan, or let anyone stand in her path when danger threatens. Deputy: Wildleap (Wildstar) (She-Cat)
Copperfang: Ginger tabby tom. Copperfang is a smart tom. He uses his wits to do his evil. Parents are Silentowl and Wildhawk, Littermate to Berryheart. (Tom)
Robinbreeze: Cinnamon-colored tom. Robinbreeze dislikes water, as he cannot swim. Parents are Blazenest and Morningriver, Littermate to Jasminebramble, Brackenflight, Swanfeather, and Furstorm. (Tom)
Nutwing: Brown tabby she-cat. Nutwing is a very gullible cat. Other then that, she is calm, collected, and snobbish. Parent is Stormswim, Littermate to Lizardflight, Tornadotail, Calmcloud, Waveheart, and Thunderpaw. (She-Cat)
Lizardflight: Light brown tabby she-cat. Lizardflight hates the day, other bullies, and enemy clans. Parent is Stormswim, Littermate to Nutwing, Tornadotail, Calmcloud, Waveheart, and Thunderpaw. Mate to Spidertail. (She-Cat)
Raventhorn: Brown and white tabby tom. Raventhorn is more cheerful outside than he is within. Parents are Sunwaterfall and Bristlemountain, Littermate to Mintflower, Twilightrunner, and Cloveralder. (Tom)


StarClan: Brookheart, Brookstar
FrozenClan: Crowfeather


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