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TalonClan Territory and Information Empty TalonClan Territory and Information

Post  Dropnose on 4/26/2013, 7:00 pm

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Clan characteristics:
Fiercely loyal, tough, fast-running, and easily offended cats. They are nervous and quick to flee underground, due to the lack of other cover on their territory. Of all the Clans, they have the deepest knowledge of Twolegs from seeing them on the nearby farms.

Mainly rabbits.

Hunting skills:
Fast, lean, and swift. Their usual short, smooth pelts of browns and grays blend in with the rocks and grasses. Shorter legs allow them to crouch as low to the ground as possible when hunting.

Shared Borders With:
SpiderClan, SunClan, FrozenClan, BrookClan, BreezeClan, Old Twoleg Farm.

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