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Former RiverClan Cats

Post  Fallowpaw on 12/13/2012, 2:13 am

Sunclaw: Dark brown tabby tom. On the outside, he is vain and judgmental.  He does not speak to anyone he believes is "below standard" and speaks rudely to other cats often. He spends most of his time primping his fur and complaining when it is out of order. However, on the inside, he is a gentle non-social cat who doesn't know how to approach other cats, and resorts to hissing words at them to keep them away. He wants to help the cats being picked on - even loners - but doesn't want the other cats to hate him. Mate to Aspenstorm. (Tom)
Frostnose: Cream-colored tom. He is playful and mischievous. He is very impatient which makes sitting hard for him to hunt well. If motivated enough he can be patient enough to do pretty much anything. He is both easily motivated and demotivated. He is extremely easy to offend and is very protective. (Tom)
Riverstar: Flame-colored ginger she-cat. Riverstar is rather quiet and doesn't often engage in conversations; she tends to keep to herself. She is extremely curious, and loves nothing more than to explore places untouched by cats. She enjoys discovering new things, and likes to swim quite a bit more than most, even for a RiverClan cat. She is rather sensitive, but she can hide her emotions fairly well. She's a skilled fighter, though she prefers to keep the peace when possible. Riverstar is extremely loyal to her Clan. She can be easily distracted, but a gentle flick of the tail will set her back on track. Deputies: Sunclaw, Hickorypetal (Hickorystar) (She-Cat)
Fallkit: Dark brown tabby tom. If there's anything to describe Fallkit with it would be charming. Parents are Cougartail of BurningClan and Emberpelt, Littermate to Eclipsekit, Violetkit, Runningkit, Crowkit, and Silverkit. (Tom)
Hickorystar: Dark cream she-cat. I am a very respectful and proud cat. Not trying to sound high and mighty of myself of course. I'm not afraid to tell others what is on my mind. I can be very verbal and tries to solve conflicts in such way, but if needed, I would be more than happy to use my claws to settle any unwanted issues. Deputy: Splashwing (Splashstar) (She-Cat)
Flowerstorm: Light gray tabby she-cat. Flowerstorm is a playful yet hard working cat that is always ready to put everything on halt to learn a new battle move, hunting style, or, well just about everything. She picks up on moves quickly, due to her intelligence, and then puts her own spin on things. Yet, despite her enthusiasm, she fails to see when she cannot do something fully; she just keeps pushing herself harder and harder. She craves attention and praise from the higher ranks, but tries her hardest not to let anyone know, but in change turns around and turns that crave into affection for her fellow clanmates, weaker cats, and cats in need. Oddly enough she does not feel the need to vocalize her thoughts, but she shows them in other ways. Whether a nod or shake, her fur raised, or even how her ears are placed, she can be hard to read at times unless you know what to look for. She is sort of clingy and can't stand to be alone or still, for resting and napping are tortures for this young cat. Parent is Foxcloud, Littermate to Mistleg, Silverlight, and Airclaw. (She-Cat)
Mistpelt: Dark gray tabby she-cat. Mistpelt is one of the more optimistic and cheerful cats to be around. Her passion and energy are sometimes contagious. Seemingly random, and not always to be thinking things through, her style of interacting with the world is likely to bring a smile to other cat's faces. Parents are Amberstripe and Shadowflight, Littermate to Mapleflower, Whitejay, Dovefeather, Bluerose, and Echopaw. (She-Cat)


StarClan: Riverpelt, Riverstar
LionClan: Fallowpaw


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